Jamaica Electronic Surveillance Ltd.


About us

Jamaica Electronic Surveillance Ltd. is a new division of RDAB Services which was incorporated as early as 1995 and began formal operations in 2001.  The primary focus then was general IT equipment sales and services including network installations, PC's and peripherals repairs.


Growing demand from our enterprise clients led to an almost exclusive focus on specialized printing and imaging equipment such as very high volume impact printers and large format scanners.

Further shifts in our primary market again led to a narrowing of our focus on software licensing for large format image archiving and conversion.


And more recently, given the rapidly growing demand for electronic security and surveillance equipment and services, we have added JESL - which has quickly become the primary focus of our offerings.



Bare Bones Business Model


In the early days, brick & mortar and a full staff compliment were features of our operations.  The persistent push for price competitiveness and the vastly changed technological landscape has encouraged and enabled us to significantly streamline our operations.  


Our focus is now exclusively on high quality service delivery with keen attention paid to tried proven equipment brands - tailored to accomodate client needs in terms of performance as well as budget.


Overheads and admin concerns have been sacrificed on the alter of premium value to our customers.



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