Jamaica Electronic Surveillance Ltd.




Indoor Home Monitoring

Domestic surveillance, once thought to exclusively involve cameras viewing the external areas of the home and its perimeters, now include securing happenings inside of the home as well.


We offer secure solutions for indoor home cctv monitoring which has peculiarities in terms of tamper proofing equipment as well as power and data supply.  Other considerations differentiating indoor monitoring from the traditional scenario - such as aesthetics - are also taken into account.



Outdoor Home Monitoring

This forms part of the traditional cctv surveillance scenario and hence forms a large part of our offerings



Small Commercial Installation

We offer security camera solutions to a wide range of commercial operations ranging from basic store fronts to higher volume / traffic areas such as training institutions and schools.



Enterprise / Corporate Installations

Large commercial and industrial operations have unique requirements in terms of safety and equipment "hardiness".  These installations require specialized security camera and cctv equipment which  also forms part of our purvue. 



Community / Public Space Monitoring

The most challenging of the scenarios for surveillance tend to be the wide open spaces presented by this sector.  It has not represented the bulk of our business but is expected to grow significantly given the steadily increasing concerns about general criminality and public safety.


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